Pro Staff

Scott Hunter
Whitetail Strategist

As a land specialist and big buck killer, Scott has adapted to hunting pressured whitetails and creating a safe zone for deer to reach maximum potential.

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Rikki Hunter
The Organizer

Married to a man going in 15 different directions, Rikki has kept the crew organized and stepped into being a Top Ten % deer hunter. Her first buck was a 145 inch 4.5 year old.

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Kyle Hunter
Deer Assassin

Kyle started at age 10 and by age 19 had killed many mature whitetails. He also works on management and has created some of our best kill zones.

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Our Team

We are a family team that has developed its land management to understand and Harvest pressured whitetails, no gimmicks.

Top 10% is a company that knows how to, and continues to, successfully kill giant mature whitetails. Why hire someone who can't succeed themself? Hire a company that knows how to be successful year after year. We stand behind our methods and look forward to helping you in your hunting future. You can see our success on film beginning July 2017 on My 18 Lansing on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am or on Hunt Channel TV.

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